Sunday, April 08, 2007

More Tokyo - Days 4 and 5

My J-cold (ie like J-pop) is actually worse today. I spent the whole
day in bed reading comics and watching anime. Great way to pass the
time when you are too miserable to exist. Jeez, they do everything
bigger in Japan, even viruses. This one is nasty. I don't know how
I can go to work tomorrow. I can't even get up.

So on with the Tokyo trip. March 31st, after the massive walking the
day before, I couldn't move. My reconstructed ankle was huge! For
most of the day I sat with my foot propped up watching Japanese
T.V, until the ankle swelling went down. Our host and Cayenne
rode bicycles to go see a nearby temple. He got some great pictures,
and I had to be satisfied with that.

I felt better by that evening, so went to join our host in a bar in
Harajuku. He was there with some of his band members and friends.
We met 5 new wonderful people. We drank and ate and laughed,
chattering indiscriminately in Japanese and English, and somehow
we all understood each other. I'm sure the quantities of good
Japanese beer helped :) It was one of those amazing transcendent
times that will live on in my memory.

On the way home, our host left his backpack on the train, and was
horrified. It had his computer and speakers for the show - about
$2000 worth of his life! We went to eat until the last trains
stopped, but they couldn't find the bag, yet. Our host's wife was
wonderful and did everything in her power (and much better
Japanese, as she is a native Tokyoite) to get them to find it.

We stayed up late drinking and hoping for the best. The next day,
April 1st, she called the main station where all the trains go
to sleep, and they thought they had a match. She had to work,
but we were all going to meet there at 6 pm. Since it was by
Akihabara, we went back there to kill time, and see it properly.

I was hoping to find a figure that I am collecting that is going
for about $100 on ebay the few times it does show up, and we
wanted some t-shirts. We thought you could find everything there,
but we were rather disappointed. The shops seemed to only carry
stuff from the very newest shows that haven't made it to America,
and we didn't find anything. Very few shirts too. I wonder where
they sell these? We should have done something else that day -
in that ever wise hindsight.

But at 6 we met at the next station and the bag was found! We were
all so relieved. Yokatta!

Then it was on to Shibuya to see another thriving nightlife place.
At night it is a complete assault on the senses, crowds of people,
light and neon, and giant screens playing adds with sound. It was
so amazing. We sat in the square by the train station for 1/2 hour
to wait to finally meet up with a Japanese friend who had spent
some time at our house last summer. He has an adorable new
girlfriend who I liked quite a lot. It was sweet to see him again,
and there was more drinking and eating. In fact most of Tokyo was
drinking and eating!

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