Monday, April 23, 2007

Pictures of the Universe

Two days ago the featured Photo of the Day on Webshots was a
cool picture from the Universe. I went to it, and it was an
album of 100 pictures of the universe. These were the big
amazing pictures of hundreds of galaxies, huge star nurseries,
all those unimaginably cool pictures.

I looked at every one of the 100 pictures, for quite some time.
Those pictures blow me away. First trying to understand just
how big a galaxy is, and ending with looking at a deep space
shot from 7 billion light years or so away, and still seeing
a hundred galaxies in one picture.

It isn't that it just makes me feel small, as everyone says.
It is that I feel so petty and mundane. There is all that out
there, and I am thinking that my toe hurts, or that I have
to remember to pick up shampoo at the drugstore. The two scales
of existence just don't go together.

We obsess over stuff we can't prove like God or who's
religion or country is better, and a myriad of stupid stuff.
Why are we even fighting over tiny scraps of land and resources,
when, Holy Shit, there is the most amazing entire Universe out

Can't get along? O.k. You take that planet, and I'll take this
other one. Heck, you take that galaxy, and I'll take that one
over there. I feel like we are really missing the point, somehow.

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