Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shows and Breathing

I edited about a third of the new show today. I recorded over
an hour and a half of the interview, so cutting half of the
material is tough. I think it will be one of the dreaded 2
pass edits. Cut it down, and then do it again to get it down
to about 45 minutes.

The interviewee was earnestly Christian, but had some interesting
takes on it, and I'm trying to preserve as much of that as i can,
but the show really shines when he talks about relationships,
since he runs a communication service to help guys be the best
they can be, so they can successfully date and find partners.
So of course I want to keep more of that. :)

When I had the idea for the show, I thought people might turn
out to be pretty interesting, but I think I am surprised by how
much they have to say, and how willing they are to share it with
me. So much fun, and so satisfying. Even the editing process,
even if I grumble about it.

Otherwise, I'm amazed at the warm weather - upper 70's last two
days. Very unusual for April! Also trying to rebuild my health.
I've had some bad nights and listless days lately, some of it
is the asthma acting up, I've gone back on the medicine which
makes me really hoarse (hard to do the interviews!). But that is
better than the sleepless nights where I labor over breathing,
which makes my heart race, and makes me feel like crap.
I'm also trying to hit the nutrition and exercise again. I don't
really know if it helps, but it makes my doctor happy.

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