Sunday, April 29, 2007

Slave to money

The next Uncomfortable Questions is finally done! Jeeze, I'm
exhausted. Those things are a LOT of work. Now I'm too tired
to go back to my real job tomorrow....

Anyways, get the new show at
This is The Scot Interview, and it is a doozy. It is over an
hour long, and he was the most amazing combination of a devout
Christian, but a "thinking one", and relationship and dating
advisor. What fun!

I think I'm only going to do one show a month. I just have too
much going on in my life to do more than that. It's summer, I
want to do more biking, I pulled out my Appalachian dulcimer,
and want to start playing again, and I signed up for the premium
level of study at It has so much material
there, it took over an hour just do the 1st lesson. And they
have hundreds of them.

I really wish I could just pursue my hobbies for the rest of
my life. But I like money too much....

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