Monday, April 09, 2007

Toko trip - day 6

Today I indeed didn't make it to work. Still too sick. I did
manage to sit up and work from home for 1/2 day. A good thing
since I had hundreds of emails at work to wade through. I'm
going to try to go in tomorrow.

So on to the 6th full day of the Tokyo trip. April 2nd. It was
time for Ueno, and the park for another Sakura party! We took
the bus and train to Ueno, and exchanged some more money after
walking for a long time. It was freezing cold out! The weather
had turned and it was cold for the rest of the trip. We didn't
bring enough warm clothes.

We were with our host and met up with our friend from Japan and
his girlfriend. He took us to the best sushi place ever. I'm not
kidding, even our friends from Japan think so. It is a little
place under the tracks, near the train station. I don't even like
sushi, and this was incredible. I don't like raw fish, but I had
amazing creations with sweet egg, deep fried tofu, and salmon
braised with a torch. And it was so cheap! About $1.00 a plate.

Then we bought wine and beer and went on to Ueno Park. It was so
beautiful. There we lots of food stalls for the flower viewing
festival, a temple, and cherry trees forever. We got there around
4 pm so we managed to find a spot to put down our mat (yes, a
Japanese Twister game) and started drinking and eating. the food
stalls had amazing yakatori, yakisoba, roasted corn, and a myriad
of wonderful festival food.

The park rapidly filled up and at nightfall they turned on all the
lanterns. I just lay there staring into the cherry trees, and was
blissfully happy. This was the ultimate night. (Which is good,
because it was pretty much the end of the trip for me - I was
layed up for the next 2 days.). The girlfriend had to leave, but
sent back a package of handwarmers. We put them in our pockets
and hats, and tried to stay warm.

The walking and the cold and sitting on the ground was too much for
my back. It started hurting something awful, and we finally left
around 9 pm. The guys wanted to go on drinking, so I got the key
and got home all by myself - train, bus, and convoluted alleys back
to the house. I felt very independent, negotiating Tokyo by myself!

I will post several pictures of Ueno after this, because it really
was the peak of my trip. It was everything I went for - the cherry
trees, the parties, the food, the drink, the friends. Wow.

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Big Phil said...

I'm envious. I could do without the cold though.