Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tokyo from bed

I went to work today. I am still pretty sick after 7 days. Ugh.
But I made it through, and met Cayenne at the Apple store after
work to buy his new computer. It is really slick! Hopefully
tomorrow wont be as hard. I have to get a project finished over
the next week and a half.

As for the last 2 days in Tokyo - I pretty much saw them from
my bed. My back went out after the night in Ueno, it was spasming
and hurting like hell. It was also freezing. Tokyo houses don't
have heat! The house was always a bit cold, but now I just
couldn't get warm. I huddled under my blankets and didn't want
to come out.

I couldn't walk because of my back so I figured I had better rest
it for a day. My host and Cayenne got me food, cold and hot packs
and painkillers. When I was as comfortable as I could get, I sent
them off to see more sights. I think they did Ginza (upscale shopping
district) and Tokyo Station area. My throat was now also getting
sorer and sorer, and I realized I had a cold on top of it.

I was hoping to make it to Odaiba on my last day, but the next
morning my cold was in full swing. I gave up and stayed in bed.
I'm glad I brought my DS video games and ipod filled with podcasts.
I stayed put under the warm comforter. I wanted to see how people
live in Japan, and I guess this was part of it. Cayenne and host
went off to the big temple in Asakusa and went to the Asahi beer

By that evening they talked me into getting up and going to a final
diner in Nippori. We went to a very Japanese restaurant when we
couldn't read the menu at all. Our friend, the host's wife came
along and she did all the ordering. The food was very good, and
different from what we are used to.

The next day it was time for the long trek home. Bus to Nippori,
took the more comfortable Skyliner train to the airport, and then
flew to Chicago, went through immigration, customs, another
layover and finally flew home. I was so sick I just dozed on the
plane through most of it.

There were many more restaurants, sights, and experiences than I
documented, but those were the highlights. I saw everything I
wanted except for Asakusa and Odaiba. So it was a difficult trip,
but well worth it. We are so grateful to the friends we stayed
with, they totally went out of their way to make sure we got
around and saw all kinds of cool things. It wouldn't have been
anywhere near as good without them. Besides it was just cool to
see them again. So there you are. My Tokyo experience.

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