Friday, April 06, 2007

Tokyo Rocks! I Don't.

I'm back. I'm half dead. It was quite the trip.

I caught some amazing Tokyo crud - this happens every time I go
out of the country. My immune system crumbles before foreign
viruses. My back it better, but still tenuous. I slept for 13
hours last night after the grueling trip home. My head is still
filled with dreams and visions of Tokyo train stations.

I'll post some pictures and comments about the trip over the
next few days. We left here at 6 am on March 26th. We flew to
Chicago, had a really dull 3 hour layover until our flight to
Japan. That leg of the trip took over 13 hours. Due to the 14
hour time difference, we didn't actually get there until
about 4:30 in the afternoon on March 27th.

We went back to our friends house, already befuddled, trying
to see everything from the train into town and the bus to his
house. We went out to eat, and crashed pretty early.

Our first full day in Tokyo, March 28th, we went to Shinjuku.
It is a busy ward with quite the night life. It is where all the
trains and subways intersect, and it is one crowded place. Quite
the feast for the eyes. I got pretty tired after about 6 hours
and we managed to get home by train and bus - our friend had to
go on to work. He was pretty impressed we made it home!

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