Saturday, April 14, 2007

Waiting for the man...

The new roomie, that is! He called me from Indiana/Illinois border at
3 pm today. He is making amazing time and will be here tonight.
Except for a couple of hour stints sleeping at rest stops, he drove
straight through from New Jersey. Ah, to be young and totally hopped
up on coffee!

Whoops, had to move up the cleaning schedule a bit. We've both
been sick since Japan, and the house was a disaster. I cleaned
and spray painted a little desk for his room that I've been
meaning to get to. I have nothing left, just that small exertion
totally finished me.

Got the soundtracks to Tsubasa Chronicles, and am listening to it
now. I love the music from it, so astonishing. Fantastical choral,
middle eastern, Japanese, with a bunch of other stuff thrown in.
I really love some of the composers out of Japan, and many of the
best are women. I'm not sure why that doesn't happen in America.
I was beginning to think it was a brain thing, like few women are
mathematicians. But then I heard the Japanese women composers,
who are amazing.

Favorite women composers did soundtracks for Cowboy Bepop and
Escaflowne, and this woman who did Tsubasa. Complex, sweeping,
and wild!

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