Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Bad Hardware Day

Most people have "bad hair days". I have "bad hardware days".
Couldn't get anything to work right at work, bent pins on
2 boards by doing something wrong. This then spilled over
into a bad software day. I installed things wrong, and
couldn't get other things to work right. Grrrrr!

Also having asthma attacks when I go in the lab. I think it
is dust or something in the ventilation. I like the lab and
it makes me crabby to not want to be in there. On the drive
home, I kept sneezing - the trees and flowers are doing a
number on me. Why would I have allergies so bad at this
point in my life? I never had them as a kid or young adult.
Why would I suddenly get them in middle age?

So I stopped by the drugstore to get some dust/pollen masks,
to see if wearing one outside and in the lab helps. The
clerk was also having a day. A whole shelf of stuff fell
behind her while waiting on me, and a guy stuffed something
big under his shirt and ran out the door, driving away so
fast he nearly killed someone in the parking lot so she
couldn't get his license plate number.

I got home, and found one of the stairs to the 2nd floor
was broken. Whew. Nothing really bad, but I'm glad to be
home. I think I wont do much of anything tonight. It is
one of those stupid annoyances days....

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