Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Big Questions

On the drive home from work, I started thinking about what
questions on my interview show no one had really come up with
much of an answer for. "What is reality?" has never been
addressed well.

I was wondering if I should have another roundtable show about
just that subject, like I did with "What is consciousness?"
I started thinking about who might be willing to take on that

I started thinking about new questions to ask, and it hit me.
"What is the Universe?" Now there is a big question. I thought
about it all the way home. I couldn't answer it. I could barely
even approach it. What is it? Where does it come from? Why is
it here? Where is it? What does it exist inside of?

What good are questions you can't even think about them? But
that you can ask the question? That doesn't make sense. If you
can conceive of the question, why can't you conceive of an
answer, even if only a poor one, or a partial one?

Most people can conceive of some kind of a vision for a God
force, but why does the brain fail in trying to wrap around
the Universe? That and eternity seem to be the places where
our brains really shut down. Why is that?

I'm going to have to ponder that one, a lot more. You can bet
it will show up on my Uncomfortable Questions show!


Big Phil said...

I think the concept of God or a God force is more personal than the universe. The universe seems big and scary whereas most of us have our own vision (or the vision crammed down our throat) of God.

David Cummer said...

I've been thinking a bit lately about humour. Somewhile back I read an explanation that humour is all just based on suprise, which pissed me off no end. The next thought I had was, "This'd make a pretty good roundtable topic for Sue's show".

Or maybe not...

Susan Grandys said...

Phil, That is an interesting observation, and true. However if one believes that God created it Universe - he/she/it is even bigger than the universe - and yet we think we can conceptualize God, just not the universe. Weird.

Susan Grandys said...

David - No way am I tackling humor on the show. Humor is so quirky and individual - I'd never be able to explain it. God, I'll tackle, but not humor! :)