Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gardening on a Summers Day

It was 84 degrees out today. I finally admitted it was
summer, (it really has been since April) and went to the
gardening store to get herbs and flowers and potting soil.

Set up the usual summer pots, and flowers for the front.
And got a fun sitting gargoyle sculpture for the perennial
garden in back. He looks really happy next to a big
hosta, and under the honeysuckle vines. Lots of weeding
and cleanup too. I'm beat but feel accomplished.

We're having a big Memorial Day barbecue, and I wanted
the back yard to look like something other than its
unruly self...

I'm trying some new things on the asthma front. My
(expensive) air cleaner came on Friday, and I put it by
my bed. I do think I slept a little better.

I also read some studies on the herb Butterbur. It is
supposed to be very effective with asthma and allergies.
In fact, I found it on the Mayo Clinic website. I just
went and bought some, and we'll see how it goes. I
believe that if you just keep trying, most things will
work out. Except the ones that don't. :)

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