Monday, May 21, 2007

How Monday-ish

Why do Mondays always feel like Monday? Back to work,
struggling to make progress, even if the work is fun.
Commuting, trying to get enough to eat, enough time
to exercise, and still work on my own stuff.

By Tuesday it becomes more routine, the weekend fades
into memory. Cay, Drew and I are now all sitting around
the living room, each working on our own things on our
computers. It is rather pleasant and relaxing. The life
of a bunch of high-tech geeks, living together.

We actually do talk to each other quite a bit - in spite
of the anti-social stereotype of people abandoning
socializing for the computer.

I finished half of the next podcast edit. I hope to get
it done by Saturday. This is a fun one. It is an interview
with Steve, a podcaster from Texas. He was quite a delight.
He should have been a preacher, he talks so well, but he
has podcasts on "What Men Want" and "What Women Want" and
we talked very openly about sex and what makes relationships
work. I loved him. I hope the audience does too!

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