Saturday, May 12, 2007


The asthma continues to get worse. I can't breathe outside. I can't
breathe at work. I've hit some critical point where I am reacting
to everything. I think I'm allergic to milk, it made me really sick
this morning. Something new and problematic, every day.

What kind of an existence is this?

I'm fighting back the only way I know how. Went 100%
anti-inflammatory food today, and cut out dairy.
I couldn't even exercise, breathing was about all I could work on.
I spent most of the day reading on the computer - exciting
adventures and stories to escape into.

My world is closing in. It gets more limited every day.
I've already given up nearly everything I like to fight the diabetes.
And even more to try to lose weight, and mostly failing.
Now even the last couple of things are to be sacrificed to breathe.
I hate limits, I always did.

So why does life always hand you what you hate most...

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