Thursday, May 10, 2007

So many possibilities...

It was almost 90 degrees today. This is early May?
There has been some unusually warm weather since April.
Hope this isn't a sign of things to come this summer.

The end of a project at work has been keeping me intensely
busy, and I am quite happy to come home every day. With
luck it will be a quiet summer, and I will be able to enjoy
most of it.

I have such grand plans of things to do, and most of them
just don't get done. The interviews are lining up again,
there are shows to edit, and I'm going to be on a show
next week to promote my podcast.

The new computer is all set up, and it is really grand.
It only took me about a day to adapt back to Mac from PC.
There is so much creativity right at my fingertips -
songwriting, web pages, movie editing - that it is almost
daunting in what I *could* do (if I only had the time).

I wrote a new song intro for my show, but it didn't stand
up to the 2 hour test (do I still think it is great 2 hours
later?) so I'll have to write another!

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