Monday, May 14, 2007

Still Alive

I worked hard all weekend at controlling the asthma. I stuck to the
anti-inflamatory diet. (And now I'm starving!). I exercised. I avoided
the outdoors and the pollen. By Sunday night I was feeling better.
My hope was that if I lowered my overall inflammation, I would be
able to tolerate the building at work.

I walked into work today, and within an hour, I was asthmatic again.
Cool. I really am allergic to work :) I did a bunch of research on
air cleaners for the house, and to see if having one in my cube
would help. I bought one for the house, and I'm still debating the
cube one. It can't of course, handle all the air at work, but maybe
just having better air around me would help?

It should get better when we move to the new building in October.
This one is old and very dusty. I just have to find a way to survive
until then! What a drag this is - I hate being weak or sick....

I made a new page with my Mac of all of my Japan photos. There
is a link in the sidebar next to this post. Cayenne has a lot more,
I was too busy looking, and kept forgetting to take pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue!

Let me know if you go with a air purification system for your cube. I'm wanting to get one for my cube too.

Paul V

Big Phil said...

I actually had an asthma attack during the weekend. This was my first in quite a while.
I just started a strict diet myself. I wonder if there's any correlation...?

Susan Grandys said...

Hey Paul - you're still alive!
I haven't broken down yet on the air cleaner. Waiting for the one for the bedroom to arrive, and see if it helps. I'll let you know.

Susan Grandys said...

Hey Phil!
Of course I went on the strict diet after I had the asthma, and it seemed to help a little. Of course I'm still not loosing weight. Inches, though.
Darn, I'm hungry!