Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tech Toy 1

I finally got a new mobile phone! A new gold Razr. And spent all
last night playing with it, learning all the features, and how
to text message, take photos, and even made a little movie.

I love new toys. :) I don't have internet on it, just too
expensive and the last time I tried it, it was so bad and hard
to use I canceled the service. But the rest of the phone is

And best of all it works inside the house! The last phone
didn't so I had to go in the back yard to hear on it. (Even in
the winter!). I live in a really old house and the thick walls
or something makes most mobile phones not work in it.

I suppose it isn't as cool as Japanese cell phones, or the
new "iphone" that is supposed to come out in June. But I figure
I'll give that one a couple of years to get perfected before I
can afford one of those!

Other than that, the asthma and allergies just keep getting
worse, so I did some research and wandered off tonight to buy
some Homeopathic and Ayurvedic remedies that might help. It is
experimentation time. Western medicine is not helping much.
I tried 2 Homeopathic things an hour ago, and I already feel
better. One is for the congestion, and one is for tree pollen,
which I suspect it what is causing the problem at the moment.

Something has got to help, I rather like breathing....

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