Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tech Toy 2

Heh-heh. Didn't mean to disappear so much this week - but my
tech toys have eaten my life. Not such a horrible thing....

I am typing this blog in my brand spankin new 20 inch imac! I
have been saving for awhile to get one, and finally had enough on
Friday. My PC laptop has been dying for the last 6 months, and it
was a race to save enough before it croaked.

I had my first Apple computer in 1980, and switched to a PC for
work, about 12 years ago. Macs just kept getting cooler, and I
really wanted to get one so I could write music in GarageBand,
and make videos in imovie.

So far I've done nothing but install new programs and find
replacements for all my PC ones, so I could smoothly do the
Uncomfortable Questions podcast.

Needed new Skype, recording program, mp3 converters, and
sound editors. I think I found a set of programs that will work.
We'll find out next time I do a Skype interview.

I did an interview Saturday with another delightful podcaster
from Texas. I seem to have fallen in with the sex and relationship
podcaster crowd - he does a couple of podcasts on the subjects.
Makes for fun interviews :) I'm going to be on his show on Thursday
night - should be interesting.

There are high winds today, and so far 2 huge branches
from our tree out back have crashed down, doing a little damage
to the neighbor's garage. There is also a big tree down on the corner.
Hopefully the electrical wires hang in there today. Now that my
computer is set up, it is time to do something creative. I think I'll
write a new intro song for the show...

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