Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What is simple?

The day is a blur. Working on a new network, many things I
don't know, study, read, try things, get help, got it working,
start next thing, time to go home? Eat, feed the dogs, check
mail, do finances, budget for the party, make a lists for
what to buy, crap I forgot to exercise! No time to edit the
show, either.... Why does it go so fast?

And yet one of the email was an article for "Simple Living".
I stopped and read that. It was about simplifying everything
in your life so you could stop and enjoy it.

Simple. I don't know what that means. My life is a tangle of
constant study and very high tech. For 23 years it has been
that way, and every day the technology gets bigger, harder
and more complex. And I am doing more and more of it. And
keeping up.

The thought of interjecting simple into that makes me smile.
I suppose I am supposed to stop and admire the sunset or
smell a rose? I actually do that, but usually as I'm running
past it. I wonder if being simple for very long would be
boring? I suppose I won't stop long enough to find out....

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