Saturday, May 26, 2007

Where's Waldo?

Yeah, yeah. I'm still here. Work hit crisis level this week,
and there were some very long hours. I had nothing left by the
time I crawled home. Things have been beaten back into control,
and I have the lovely 3 day weekend ahead.

Everything is ready for the big Memorial Day bash on Monday
also. So I plan to take it a bit easy for the next two days!
It has been a rather harried three weeks.

I just remembered I was only halfway through the next show
edit. I guess I'll be doing that this weekend.... awwww....
I wanted to be a slug.

Thinking a lot of how to exercise effectively with asthma
(and a liberal dose of laziness). I have to get moving, the
weight is going nowhere. My roommate suggested a TV in the
exercise room to keep my mind off of the boring exercise,
and to keep me at it longer. It would be a good way to
finally get through all those unwatched videos.

I wish I could always do to things at once, I feel like I'm
falling behind on everything. That works for commuting and
exercise, but not much else. I can't work and do anything
else. It takes so much brain power that I start to fry if
I even listen to music while concentrating on work. I need
an upgrade for my brain. Extra RAM for sure.

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Big Phil said...

As I've gotten older I find an increased level of concentration is necessary to perform jobs and tasks.
I'm also less able to multi-task.
I require much more down time to recharge my batteries.
I can only imagine what I'll be like when I'm 60.