Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Apropos of Nothing

Work, starve, exercise, goof off for an hour, bed.
The days are feeling a bit repetitious. Work is always
different and a little too exciting, but the rest is
the same. Work tried to send me to Mexico yesterday,
since the guy who was supposed to go didn't have an
active passport, but then we figured out a different
way to get the job done. I've never been to Mexico,
at least it would have been different....

The exercise isn't making me lose weight, but my
shape is noticeably changing, and I am getting stronger
every day. I suppose I should just keep at it, and see
what happens. If only I wasn't so darned hungry. I am
hallucinating a steak right now, I think.

I've been so strange lately. I just don't want to do
much. The weather is beautiful, but I don't go out and
enjoy it. I don't talk a whole lot when I'm at home, I
just can't think of anything to say. (And for those that
know me, that is pretty weird. I usually don't stop
talking.) It's like I'm living in my head a lot. Not
very reflective or anything, just telling myself
entertaining stories. Hopefully this is just quiet
phase. I still talk a lot at work, so I'm not totally
out of it!


ciscobaby said...

I've been feeling the exact same way lately. Just ride it out. I find that the more I fight the moodiness, the worse it gets. Enjoy living in your head for a bit.

Susan Grandys said...

ciscobaby -
Thanks for the kind comments. I suppose you're right. Just enjoy where I'm at, I'll emerge when I'm ready.