Sunday, June 03, 2007


I couldn't get motivated to do anything this weekend.
I did have a lovely interview for the show with Linda from
Utah, yesterday though. The cool thing is she is going to
be in town the end of the month for a conference. I finally
get to meet one of my Skype interviewees in person! Totally
cool. If I had infinite time, and money, I'd like to go
have lunch with each person I've interviewed but never met.

I'm kind of down, because the asthma was getting better last
week, and I thought whatever triggered it in April might be
out of the air now. But it flared back up this weekend, and
I had to cut activity short. I hate it when it stops me from
exercising. My lungs fail long before my body.

I am determined to take off 10 pounds, since I will have to
be traveling soon for work and I want to be more comfortable
in those tiny plane seats. It's bad enough that I'm 5'10"
tall, but the extra weight I've put on from the meds makes
it even more tight. I'm totally dedicated to doing the
exercise (finally), but then the asthma stops me. I'm
gasping after 20 minutes. Pisses me off.

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