Sunday, June 17, 2007

Electric Dreaming

Somehow the weekend continued in the technical vein. Endlessly
tweaking the Mac mini, to make it into the perfect system for
the entertainment center. I spend most of my days doing
high tech things.

It's pretty weird when you think about it. Days of setting up
computers, learning programs, and for entertainment, reading
things on computers or watching digital images, or playing
digital games. A whole life spent in the digital world. How
removed from the outer life. Is it real? Is this the future?

I love trees and earth and flowers, and yet I rarely go out
to see them. I enjoy the outer life, but spend most of my time
inside of electronic worlds. I often ask the question, "Does
my life have a meaning?" Does an electrical life have a
meaning? Are we creating new forms of life, new universes,
or is only a dream?

Then I wonder if dreams have meaning. Is it enough to dream?
What if this is what I was meant to be?

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