Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I got straight A's on my report card, dad...

I got my review at work today. I've been there 2 years.
I remembered why I work so hard. I feel like a kid who
got a stellar report card. It doesn't matter how old
you are - that feeling that you did something good
through your own efforts are the same.

They really like me, and appreciate it when I work so
hard. I glowed for the rest of the day. A place that
values me, and a place that I value. A place where
everyone strives together to be the best they can be.
I think I have truly found where I belong for now.

How weird to be a person. Yesterday, I looked in the
mirror, and for a moment was startled that I was a
human, when I thought about what all that meant.
Today I am thinking about what simple emotions can
motivate us to go so far. Praise. Appreciation. That
is all it takes? Oh yeah, I suppose money doesn't hurt.

A place to belong. To have meaning, however small in
the scope of the universe. For today, it is enough.

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