Thursday, June 28, 2007

Opposites Attract

Everyday is a battle between wanting something big and
interesting to happen, and wanting things to be peaceful
and being able to sleep. Why are we such contrary
creatures? Or is it just me? I always want two totally
opposite things at the same time. Just about everything
in my life is like that.

Still no idea if the Alli pills work. I lost a pound the
first day, and have been sitting there ever since. It
does seem to have broken the gaining weight cycle. But
it promises you can lose 50% more weight with it. 50% of
the zero I've been able to lose so far, is still zero.

The roommates band is recording their next CD in our
basement starting tonight. If they ever get famous, will
our basement become fondly remembered? It would be just
like me to get famous for my basement....


Inner-Side-Out said...

In response to your first paragraph, I would like to offer a thought, happiness and peace can co-exist. When you are happy, experiencing happiness, or when interesting things happen, somewhere in there you may be experiencing peace and joy. What if we are to multiply the happy thoughts, happy situations, and happy feelings, and just view “contrary or opposite things” as just the contrast in our lives to actually HELP us get clear about our desires.

Susan Grandys said...

I don't think I disagree. I am not unhappy, just bored sometimes and overwhelmed at others. Good points that you make though. I love it when people think about stuff!