Monday, June 11, 2007

Teaching? Me?

Yah! Teaching is hard work! I'm teaching a class at work
tomorrow, and it took me 2 days to prepare for it. Handouts,
slides, set up demos on 3 different machines, using 2 test
tools. Why did I volunteer for this?

I finally broke down and bought the air conditioner for the
1st floor today, so I won't get trapped in my bedroom this
summer. (And also to help with the asthma, if it bugs me
again.) It's huge!!! A Frigidaire 15100 BTU unit. It weighs
130 pounds, so it will be fun to install... The guys are
threatening to take that task on tomorrow.

I don't want to sound like a product placement ad, but I
found an interesting thing for hunger today. One of
the places I get vitamins online sent me a free sample of
Syntha-6 time release protein powder (vanilla ice cream
flavored). I mixed it with water at work, and was really
full for the next 3 hours. First time I haven't been hungry
in days. Ran right off to GNC and bought it. Anything that
kills the hunger and tastes really, really good is mine!
It is such a relief to not be in hunger pain.

I'll try it for the next few days, and see if it helps...

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