Sunday, June 24, 2007

Techno Crash

Darn it! This has been a bad technology weekend. First the
SD card failing to during recording the band, and today!
Augh! I'm so frustrated....

I had finished the entire edit of the the U.Q. show, and saved
it out as a mono MP3 file. This is only the 2nd time I've done
the show on the Mac, instead of the PC, and something went very
wrong with the encoding. I lost the entire edit. 2 days of work.
Apparently the new program could only write out a stereo file
when brought in as a .mov file, split tracks, joined and merged.

So no show. I pouted for about an hour, took a deep breath, and
started over from the beginning. I got one file done (and
correctly formatted this time). It may be done by Tuesday.
I hate feeling like I wasted an entire weekend.

Weekends are in short supply.

But I did interview my roommate for the next show today, and
that went quite well. The new SD card has a weird quirk, when
you first try to save the file, it says the "media is full",
even though it is not. But if you swear at it, and save again,
it works. Everytime. I'm convinced it is the swearing that
makes it give in, and work...

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