Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ah, youth.

Sometimes I envy the young. When I look at them, I see such
piles of potential. Even people into their late 20's, are still
so full of energy and dreams. What will they become? What can
they achieve?

As you get older the energy is so much less. The dreams either
happened or they didn't, and the shining potential is long
in the past. There are still many years ahead but they
seem more limited. The feeling that you can do anything is

Can I break the mold? Do I have to be a typical middle ager?
I tried to do so for many years. But now I'm tired. If I
had the energy, could I do more great things?

I'm afraid I may fail, at that. And just go out with a whimper.
How unlike me.

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