Saturday, July 28, 2007


I do seem to be on a reading jag now. I read Grim Tuesday
by Garth Nix today, having finished the first book yesterday.
They are so wonderfully weird. Sort of like Harry Potter meets
Narnia, meets Oz.

And I still have to remind myself to breathe while reading
them, so I don't have sympathy asthma, every time the main
character has a bad asthma attack.

So reading, exercising, and paying bills, was pretty much my
entire day. The weekends are too fast. I can see why people
look forward to retirement, so you can have weekend everyday.
Except I don't think I'll ever be able to retire, even if I
live that long.

One would have to have saved some money. Savings. What an alien
concept.... Everyone on both sides of the family tended to die
young, from all the heart problems and diabetes. It never
occurred to me to save any money for later, since there
wouldn't be a later. It will be a shock if I do live longer,
I never planned for being old.

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