Monday, July 30, 2007

Brain Circles.

My brain is spinning in circles and going nowhere. I'm not
unhappy, but my brain is worrying away at really trivial things.
Kind of without me. I'm not aware I was even thinking about
anything, until I notice what my brain is doing. Weird.

I really have to reconnect with myself, occasionally.
I think it is due to doing so much reading at work. I'm taking
in vast amounts of information in a short time. So I just keep
shoveling in the manuals and the papers, as fast as I can go.

When I'm not studying, I think my brain just starts doodling
with whatever inconsequential thing it is immediately
stimulated by. The weather. The color of something. Setting
up an appointment. What to eat. And I'll think about one
boring thing for hours.

It's hard to shut my brain off to sleep. I'm really good at
learning difficult things really, really fast, but it sends
my brain into overdrive, and I have to but up with the fallout.
Brains are so strange.

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