Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The doctor insists that I am alive...

I had my big yearly check-up at the doctor today. They took
8 blood tests from me last week, and the results were good.
I thought I would get out of there without being stuck again,
but she still got me with a shot for tetanus, diphtheria, and
whooping cough. What a strange combination...

My doctor seems very determined to keep me alive and healthy.
Maybe she is just battling for me, determined as I am that
the diabetes and asthma wont get me. At least I like to
think of it that way. Maybe she just likes giving me shots.

Some tiresome health things ahead. She didn't like the
look of a couple of moles, so I have to have them checked
next month for skin cancer. I don't think it is, though,
I don't think they have changed. But I'll make her happy
and do it. Then there is the "interesting" procedure to
check for colon cancer. Who thought that one up?

You have to go on a special diet for a week, and then drink
all this weird stuff, and don't eat for a day and get
sedated and stuff. Luckily they are so booked up, they can't
do mine until next March! Good. I don't have to deal with
that one for a long time.

But it seem I am alive, and will stay that way for awhile!

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