Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dog Days of Summer? The dog feels better than me....

Not the best of days. I had asthma most of the day, so I
couldn't exercise, or do much of anything I had wanted to
do today. It was 93 degrees, so it was sort of hot, anyways.

So I read stuff online for most of the day. Still not
feeling all that great, very wiped out. Nothing for it but
to start the next Garth Nix book.

It is supposed to be hot all week with high pollen and
not so good air quality. I hope I have some good days
in there, and feel like working out. I haven't made any
progress on the diet for 2 weeks.

It is nearly August, and around here that is the month
when all the fairs and festivals take place. Art fairs,
Irish fair, Greek fair, Japanese fair, State Fair,
Renaissance Festival. I don't know how people can be so
active in August. The heat just makes me tired.

I wish I could enjoy summer more.

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