Thursday, July 12, 2007


Working on some tough problems at work that I just haven't
solved yet. Very frustrating and tiring. Every time I think
I know what I'm doing, the next humbling experience appears.
I don't think it is possible to get a fat head in this

Thinking about my show. I am starting the edit on show #55.
I once thought I would interview 100 people and then stop.
I'm a long way away from that, and I don't have anyone lined
up for the next show. I would have to go find someone.
Why have I lost my motivation? I don't have any plans for
what to do next. I'll either continue or not. Or just coast
until something happens. Sigh.

Where do others get their tremendous willpower? The power
to create miracles, to build rockets to the moon, to
build themselves into super humans - the best they can be?

Why don't I have that?

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Big Phil said...

I'm approaching 100 shows and have lost motivation. I need some kind of creative jump start.