Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hiding from the heat

It is 99.2 degrees out, now that is just too hot. So it is
a lazy day trapped in the house. I went outside for about
5 minutes and the sweat was running off my body. I think
I'll stay inside! I'm very happy I bought that air
conditioner for the 1st floor.

It's been a slow week all around. Many people took off
from work, so it was really quiet. I didn't make any more
headway this week on the diet, and didn't increase my
exercise. I suppose I'll push harder next week (after
this darned heat breaks...)

I did start researching what it would take to get back to
London. Wow, the plane fares have gone up! Last time I
looked they were about $500 to England. It is closer to
$1000 now. I will have to save up for a lot longer than
I thought.

So now all the fun goals seem rather far away. :(

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