Saturday, July 21, 2007

I am the fairy godmother of computers

And I leave laptops in the Christmas stockings of good
girls and boys. It turns out that I actually had two working
old PC laptops that I was wondering how I was going to get
rid of them.

Last night my roommate tells me that their booking agent
needed just an email computer, and the band mate of my roommate
(also a friend of mine) was in desperate need of something
better than what he had, to write music on.

It turns out my two laptops were perfect for each of them.
My roommate fixed the screen connectors on the 3 year old one,
and I spent the entire day checking out the computers and
cleaning out all of my files, passwords, and such, and running
virus scans, making sure the software was all up to date.

One was around 7 years old but the darned thing still works fine.
Even the battery! I was amazed. It is an old Armada, and it
earns it's name. What a trouper that machine has been. And
now it goes out to do good works again.

So in my own geeky way, I have donated time and equipment
to the help with the success of the band. I like it when my
things can help people who will make good use of them.
I really must have a fairy godmother complex.... I suppose
there are worse things to be!

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