Sunday, July 08, 2007

Soggy Sundays

It hit 98 degrees today, but mid-afternoon a huge storm came
through. We could hear it coming, the thunder was a continuous
rumble for nearly a half hour before it got here. Very weird,
none of us had ever heard anything like it.

When it hit, Cay, Drew, and I sat on the glass back porch and
watched the storm. It rained buckets, and the lightning made
us jump a few times. Kind of fun, in a wild sort of way.

Now the temperature is down to 74, but it is soggy, humid.
I went for a walk, and it wiped me out, it was just too
oppressively humid. Darn, I thought I was stronger than that.

I finally dropped some more weight after going back up
last week, and discouragingly hanging onto it for a few
days. (My body is so greedy, it doesn't like to let go
of anything - "Mine, that my weight!" - stupid body...)
So now I'm down 4 1/2 pounds in a little over two weeks.

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