Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Perfection on the 4th of July

Ahh, what a pleasant 4th of July it was today.
Slept in late. Leisurely morning. Our 4th of July lunch was
my favorite meatloaf and corn on the cob. Not exactly
traditional 4th food, but good!

Then I got in this huge organizing phase, and went and got
several types of shelves and storage boxes, for cheap from
Target. Came home and put all the shelving together while
listening to the last three CD's by my favorite band,
3 Blind Mice, an amazing group from England.

Then I arranged my office with the new storage, and now it
looks quite nice. To finish off the celebration of the 4th,
we set off fireworks in our driveway, lots of pretty multi-
colored fountains of sparks. I'm glad they are finally legal
(the last couple of years) in Minnesota.

It was a great day. Everyday should be a holiday!

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