Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer Perfection

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days. We grilled sweet
corn and shish-kabobs in the backyard, in near perfect
temperatures - sunny and 80 degrees with a nice breeze. The
sounds of the band recording in our basement wafted out

Did some random, lazy shopping, and after 8 years of looking,
stumbled across a solution for the the ugly kitchen drop-in
ceiling. They make these gorgeous tin ceiling panels and grid
covers that look real, but are actually a thermal treated
plastic. And it is way cheaper than a tin ceiling. Measuring
the kitchen to get the order together!

Stopped at Axe-Man and found a ton of stuff! Axe-Man is a
weird surplus/discount store, and when they have something
you need, it is amazing. I needed new coffee mugs, the others
have all gotten broken, and I found big, solid, white
mugs (with the year 2000 in raised letters on them), a case
of 36 mugs for $8.95. They are quite elegant, and we can just
keep celebrating the year 2000 :)

Picked up a lot of other nice things too! Heavy bookends, a
cool red German military beret with neat pins, a tall, brass,
bullet style wastebasket for the kitchen (I've been looking
at that kind for years but they were over $100) but I got it
for only $19, and a brass waste/ashtray unit for out front of
the house (so the roommates and band members can smoke out
on the front steps).

Finding so many bargains of really nice stuff really appeals
to the primal hunter-gatherer instinct, I guess. I get this
grand rush of success! when I score a lot of neat things for
little money.

I'm so glad I have the 4th of July off from work, this weekend
is going too fast, and I want more time to play! Studying Japanese
again, exercise, getting caught up on web stuff - and the
day is gone.

I also think the Alli diet pills might be working. I lost more
weight. So that is 2-1/2 pounds last week! I did loose 1 and 1/2
pounds on my own the week before, so I'm down 4 lbs. I haven't
been able to do that in ages. I sure hope it continues, and this
isn't just some fluke....

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