Saturday, July 14, 2007


The ceiling fan in the dining room broke so it was off
shopping for a new light. (Decided against a fan because
they are too hard to put up.) Cay and I found an unusual
halogen light, and bought that. It was way cheaper than I had
planned, so there was a little cash burning a hole in my

So, time to buy toys! I had wanted Guitar Hero II for the last year.
I'm not very good at video games, but this looked like something
even I could do. They had a demo at the store, and I was laughing
and playing in about three minutes. They also had a cheap 2nd
guitar controller that you could buy, so we got it too. I can't
afford an X-box 360 yet, so I got the Playstation 2 version.
(Though I hear the X-box version of the game is even better.)

We came home and played and played! We switched off lead
guitar and bass parts, and laughed and shouted. I can't wait
until the roommate gets home - probably play again. My hands
absolutely ache, but I love it. No it wont really make you
into a guitar player, but for a moment, you absolutely feel
like you were really in a rock band.

It's a rock band fantasy for klutzy musicians. Who cares if it
is "virtual reality". I am so there!

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