Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Work Stuff

Work's been good. I keep getting interesting in what I am doing
and forgetting to come home until late. Messes up my exercise,
though. I missed 2 nights, but back at it tonight.

I'm giving a class on security in a couple of weeks and have
been working on slides for class. I gave a class a few weeks
ago and had about 25 people show up! It is a bit unnerving to
teach that many people at once. But fun.

Work is moving to our new location in less than 3 months, and
it is starting to dawn on us what a huge job that is going to
be. We have to move several labs worth of equipment, in addition
to our offices. They were asking people today if we were
physically able to lift heavy equipment, to see how much help
we have to hire.

I said I couldn't lift much. Mostly because the pins in my
arm holding the tendon on. It works fine, I can even do light
weight lifting, but I don't want to push it over 30 lbs.
I'm starting to get excited about the move, they post pictures
of the new building every couple of weeks. It is beautiful
compared to the current place.

It will add 10 minutes to my drive (only takes 15 minutes
to get to work now), so I probably won't like it so much in
the winter. Bleah, I have work on my mind - it's all I have
to talk about.

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