Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ah, bridges....

Everyone in Minneapolis is trying to get their heads around
the 35W bridge collapsing into the Mississippi river at rush
hour tonight. We all drive that bridge, 35W is the major artery
through the city.
We've all been glued to our T.V.s, computers and phones.

The phones have been ringing non-stop, the email and text
messages are flying - everyone is checking to make sure everyone
else wasn't on the bridge. So far, everyone has checked in.
I'm just amazed only 7 people are reported dead. The rest just
appeared to ride the bridge down. That thing is high! 65 feet
above the river.

It seems weird that we can't go that way, the bridge is gone.
The way so many go to work, to the Roseville Mall, to the
University - 140,000 cars a day. It just doesn't seem real.
This is the stuff you read about that happens in other towns.


Big Phil said...

I'm glad you're all right. I thought about you when I heard the news.

Susan Grandys said...

Hey, thanks for thinking of me!
Actually you and my roommate were the
only ones who even checked to see if I was alive :)

I guess everyone trusts I'm to ornery to die....

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog. Even though I don't know you it's nice to hear that you're doing ok. I've been watching the news reports and I'm glad the event wasn't as tragic as it could've been.

I also hear it's going to take 2 years or so to rebuild that bridge. What are people going to do in the meantime?

Susan Grandys said...

It is astonishing how many people survived. In the meantime, people are finding ways around. There are 3 other smaller back-ways with bridges across the river that will have to take the load. I hope those bridges are in good shape!

The already overburdened freeway is rerouted onto other smaller roads.
It will be an "interesting" 2 years...