Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Wild Night

What is with these storms? We got clobbered on Saturday, and
again last night. Again, our neighborhood missed the worst of it -
just 4 large branches came down in the yard from our big trees.

But it was enough to miss sleep again. Came in about 11:30pm.
While the last storm had the most incredible lightning, this one
had the most incredible thunder. As it approached, it sounded like
a continuous jet engine. When it came over us, it was so deep,
it was almost subsonic. Ever roll of thunder actually shook the
house and the windows for about a half an hour. And the rain was
pretty much horizontal. It looked like a hurricane outside.

So I'm rather tired again today. I also worked out hard last night,
I'm trying to get this weight moving again. I've been stuck for
3 weeks, after losing the initial 6 pounds. I guess the jury is
still out on the Alli diet pills. I hope I get more benefit than
that out of them!

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