Monday, August 06, 2007

Bodies and Beginnings?

Is this the end, or just another beginning?
I'm not sad or depressed, but just kind of empty?
I feel like I am between. It could end here or I could find
new life, new meanings. I wonder which it will be.

Everything is o.k., but kind of stagnant. I don't feel
like I am going anywhere, or moving towards anything.
Every day is pretty much the same.

My health is always a delicate balance, but some days, I think
I'm getting stronger, other days, much weaker.
I think the body will last a while longer. It is stubborn.
When I get down about being so unhealthy all the time, I have
to remember it was always like this. I've been sick and in
some pain most of the time. Since I was born. So many operations.
So many bad days.

This is not getting old, for me. This is normal.
I have some wonder at just how far this body has carried me.
I'm actually kind of proud of it.

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