Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ceilings ahoy!

Today was ceiling day! After staring at our ugly kitchen ceiling
for 8 years, we found the solution for a grid, drop-in type.
There are these thermal treated plastic panels and snap-on
grid strips that make it look like a tin ceiling! It looks
amazing for plastic, and is really easy to work with.

I am pleased. I've now replaced the floor, counters, sink, and
ceiling in the kitchen. It finally looks reasonable.

It also rained all day, hopefully helping the slight drought
we are having. And it was cool, about 66 degrees. Quite the
welcome relief after a month of way-too-hot weather.

Time to kick back and read. I finished Drowned Wednesday by
Garth Nix, and am moving on to House of Leaves by Mark Z.
Danielewski. The household has read it, and declared it amazing.
Friends are asking to borrow it, so I better get going!

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