Monday, August 20, 2007

Cotton and Jello in my head

I'm so fuzzy, I just can't wake up. I've been walking around in
a zombie daze all day. I'm amazed I managed to get any work done.
I've taken a pill at night for the last several days for the
neuropathy pain, but they have the side effect of making you sleep
hard. I think they caught up with me today.

I guess I'll skip the pill tonight. I don't like being this
tired and confused. I haven't had to take the pills for over
a year, and then the pain came back. I thought I had it beat,
just like the asthma. Darn it, why do these problems keep
returning? I think you should have to deal with them once,
and have them go away.

I asked the question in the show I just put up, if I should
change the format of my show, to have the audience send me sound
files with their answer to one "big question" that I ask each
show. If I don't hear from everyone, I suppose that will be
my answer. It will only fly if the audience will participate.
I really would like to keep doing the show in some fashion.

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