Friday, August 24, 2007

Doctor Surprise

Last time I had my physical, my NP wanted me to go have a couple
of dark moles looked at by Dermatology. So I trotted in there
today like a good girl (I really don't think the moles are a
problem, they are largish and dark but they don't seem to have
changed much).

I just assumed she would look at them and say "Yay or Nay".
What I didn't know, was to determine if they are a problem
(if they look suspicious at all) they cut the bloody things
out entirely, and send them in for biopsy!

It didn't hurt that much, I just wasn't prepared to be cut up,
before I toddled off to work. So now I have 5 stitches in me,
on my abdomen and leg, that kinda sting.

Then you have to wait 2 weeks to get the results and get the
stitches out. I'm still not really worried about it (though I
will be if they are cancerous....), just kind of surprised
by the whole thing.

The one on my arm that she sent me in for, wasn't even one that
she cut out. She said just to watch that one, and decided to
take the 2 other ones when she did a full body check. They don't
even look like all those pictures they show you, for moles you
should be concerned about. I give up. I always seem to be
non-standard. (I didn't have any of the symptoms of diabetes
at all, so they missed that I had it for about 5 years).

So I'm going to continue to believe this is nothing, and it
probably is nothing. Maybe doctors just like to cut out parts
of peoples bodies, to make them feel like they are doing
something :)

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