Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dogs and Rain

And today I'm fine. Go figure. Got lots of work done, though
I had to walk between the buildings in the rain countless
times today. Umbrellas are for wusses. I don't even own one,
I figure I"m washable.

So weird that we went from drought to +1 inch of rain for
the year in about 5 days. We are very soggy here!
The dog is mad because the backyard is very muddy, so we
can't run him around the yard with the laser.

I always wanted a Frisbee dog, but he is so dumb, he just ate
them all. He wont fetch, he won't play ball. The only game
he likes is chasing the pen laser in the dark. He will run
after it endlessly, and try to catch the red light.

Once we put down a piece of dog food when he wasn't looking,
and then shone the laser on it. For the first time when he
bit the light, he got something in his mouth! We immediately
shut of the laser, and praised him for getting it. He was
so happy.

When you don't have anything better to do than to play tricks
on your dog, man, times are rough....


Big Phil said...

But Sue, didn't your dog love it? And didn't you get a chuckle from watching the little guy bite the food?
I treasure moments like this. My dog Clyde loves to play tug of war. We can do this for hours and he will never tire.
Spending time with a person or animal you love is always time well spent.

Susan Grandys said...

Ho-ho! You've never met my pets.
They are all really pushy little b*stards!
But I love the little creeps anyways...