Friday, August 17, 2007

Goodbye M.K.

Three friends have become two. My cube mate and dear friend from
the California years finally succumbed to cancer yesterday.
I hate death. There simply is nothing good to be found in it.
My other cube mate and friend and I have been mailing back and
forth today, getting our heads around it.

Mary Kay was around my age and the kindest woman on earth.
She loved animals and spent many of the last years helping in
animal shelters. She had many animals of her own, and her house
was always set up for their convenience.

If there was a god, it should leave people like Mary Kay here
on earth. So many needed her. When we were lonely in California,
she took in Cay and I, like so many strays. God had better have
needed someone to take care of the animal spirits, really badly.

If there were a heaven, then Mary Kay now has 10,000 cats and
a few dogs, piled on her now.

I'm railing uselessly against the Universe....


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