Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Imagination can suck

Everyone is out. Just me and the dogs and cats, scattered
around the living room. It's still pretty hot out, none of us
feel like moving much.

I spent the day getting ready to give my class on security
tomorrow. Security is really boring, I don't know how I'll
keep the class awake. I can't think of any good security jokes.

I hate reading the news. There are still 8 people missing from
the bridge collapse, and I don't want to go by the river. I
think of them there in the water, and it makes me sad. Their
families want them back, so they can bury them and get on.
It is weird how that event got so deep in the consciousness
of this city.

I find myself imagining what it would be like to have been
on that bridge. I've always had an overactive imagination...
But, to be realistic, if it was me, I'd probably not be very
noble and rush to save others. More than likely I'd have an
asthma attack, and have to sit there and take many hits from
my inhaler.

Doesn't make for good heroic fantasy.

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