Sunday, August 05, 2007

The lovely prostitute

Interesting interview today! My guest today was a 21 year old
male prostitute from Minnesota. He listens to the show and he
volunteered because he was going to be in town this weekend.
How could I resist a male, vegan prostitute, who loves sex and
philosophy? My show is about different philosophies of life,
and this was sure to be different.

So we met and went to a park by one of the lakes.
This got me away from the flight path that my house is in, and
I got better sound quality than usual. He was quite a charming
young man, and I enjoyed the interview. In some ways he was a
typical 21 year old, and in others he was a bit nihilistic or
fatalistic. Or maybe that is typical of 21 year olds :) :)
Nonetheless, it was quite a good time.

I'm still debating if this will be my last show, or if I'll get
more volunteers, or if I'll change the format of the show.

I've though about asking the audience a "big question" and asking
them to answer it in audio files, or even email. I don't know
if I'll get enough responses back to make a show. I suppose I
can try one and see.

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Big Phil said...

I've been training to be a male prostitute all of my life. I haven't been able to find any clients so luckily I've had another career to fall back on.