Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lucky Miss

Tired. I tried to go to sleep at 1am, but the pets were restless.
The guys came home at 2am, and then an insane storm moved in at
3am. I've never seen light purple and white on the radar before.

Our neighborhood came out lucky, no damage, just a lot of heavy
rain, and continuous lightning. It never stopped or paused, for
about an hour. I've never seen anything like that! It was quite
the show. There were a lot of trees and utility poles down, just
south of us, but the winds of 70 mph seemed to have missed us

So I finally got to bed at 4am. Today, I'm not very awake or moving
quickly. Lots of just low key stuff. Played the demo for Eternal
, a game coming out for the Xbox 360 next month. I'm sold.
It is a beautiful game.

The heat index was 106 degrees today until the rains came again
this afternoon. So I'm still just puttering around the house.
I hope I'm worth more tomorrow.

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